Magnificent Mirrors

30 November 2013 12:03
You will not find any mass products at Art Deco Web Store, just exclusive items of high-quality materials which have been made in a skilful way. This also applies to mirrors. In the category mirrors, luxurious wall mirrors and standing mirrors made of various materials and in different price ranges can be found. Artistic mirrors are like pieces of jewellery for your walls.

Art Nouveau wall mirrors.

Art Nouveau mirrors set themselves apart by having frames with opulent, elegant lines. Natural motifs, such as leaves, flowers and branches, add a graceful touch to the Art Nouveau mirrors. Art Deco Web Store has Art Nouveau wall mirrors and Art Nouveau table mirrors in its collection. Various tin wall mirrors have been included in our range of products like, for example, mirror Emmanuel which is a grand, geometrical Art Nouveau mirror with dramatic lines. It will certainly be an eye-catcher in the hallway, bedroom, living room, dining room or dressing room. The curvilinear or decorated Art Nouveau is represented by the sublime mirrors Merveilleux and Merveilleux round. These wooden frames have been patinated with gold: very exclusive and valuable. A piece of art by Alphonse Mucha or Gustav Klimt and a mirror all at once: it is possible at Art Deco Web Store. Just have a look at mirror The Dance and mirror Klimt. Romantic pieces for in the bedroom…

Art Nouveau table mirrors

On a cabinet, nightstand, side table, dresser, and in the bathroom or lavatory: a tin Art Nouveau table mirror decorates every spot perfectly. Various models are available and all of them are equally special and graceful. Have a look, for instance, at mirror Mayflower and mirror Venus. There is also a fabulous Art Nouveau vanity mirror in our collection, Lady Mirror. Slim shapes and female figures dominate these stunning mirrors. Sculpted mirrors are an artistic decoration in the interior and they can also be found in the collection of Art Deco Web Store. Choose between a hand mirror and various compact mirrors that can go in your bag.

Tiffany mirrors

Impressive Tiffany mirrors are popular with Art Deco and Art Nouveau lovers. Nostalgic, yet timeless. The coloured glass was made using the Tiffany technique and it forms a breathtakingly beautiful frame. Tiffany lamps are available in various models. Even more mirrors, such as Art Deco mirrors and a coat rack with a tiltable mirror, can be found in the category Mirrors, a subcategory of Home Furnishings.