22 December 2020 10:00
In winter, the days are long. Dark days become more cosy with all kinds of activities. People make up all kinds of things to brighten up the days in winter. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ. Around Christmas and New Year's Eve there are also many other celebrations. This year the holidays are a bit different.....

Dark and cold, cosiness indoors and outdoors with lots of lights, Christmas trees and decorations, cooking and baking, good food and drinks, no arguing but being nice to each other, meeting family and friends, beautiful clothes and jewellery, fine music, giving presents, winter sports, watching films or doing crafts, Christmas markets or Christmas shopping, holiday.......

                            Tiffany Tea Light Holder Sweet Tulip      Necklace Enamel Damast

Scarf Blue Silk          Stone Sculpture Child          Tapestry The Kiss

                             Glass Sculpture Being Together      Tiffany French Art Deco Ceiling Lamp / Wall Lamp Glamour

This year everything is different......

2020 was dominated by a strange virus, the Corona virus turned the world upside down. Strictly necessary measures made us realise what really matters. The most important thing is our fellow human beings and how to treat those around you.

Christmas looks different this year....

Last year was not easy, but despite this, the Art Deco Webstore team was able to work with a lot of energy and creativity.

Thank you very much for your support and confidence in us! Glass Love Heart Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture / Golden BirdWe wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a passionate 2021! 

And of course, good health! Tapestry In Your Light - Green