Summer time, holiday time!

21 May 2018 10:00
How wonderful, summer's here again. Whether you'll be going on vacation or staying at home, the web shop offers lots of items to turn the holidays into a party.


The summer season is the time for more fresh air and light in the house. Natural materials and graceful shapes complemented by accessories in cheerful colours ensure the ultimate summer sensation. The summer holidays finally offer the opportunity of sorting out the interior. Go big with some new wallpaper or opt for some small alterations. Using home decorations you'll create a fresh, new interior in no time. For instance, consider some soft pillows featuring summer motifs, a picture frame with a flower motif, an eye-catching sculpture or a spectacular, mouth-blown vase in summer hues.

Kussen TropicaFotolijst Verzilverde Tulp 10x15Vaas Palermo


The bronze sculptures are also highly suited to being used as garden sculptures in your yard, on the terrace or on the balcony. Glass candle lights are ideal if you'd like to create some atmosphere while sitting outside. Great for decorating the garden table during an outdoor dinner, or at night while enjoying a glass of wine. While we're on the topic of eating outdoors: the category of table knickknacks includes the most beautiful crockery sets and place mats for dressing up the garden table.

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