Schuitema Furniture Collection

24 April 2013 11:16
Like treasures from a rich past, various pieces of Schuitma Furniture are displayed in Art Deco Web Store’s showroom. The pieces are based on the famous designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Frank Lloyd Wright, Victor Horta and Berlage, and were created while keeping the comforts of modern life in mind. In short: a furniture collection of the highest class.

Striking designs

The furniture collections of Schuitema Furniture set themselves apart by their striking designs, perfect use of materials, sublime finish, class, style, comfort, quality and endless possibilities; there is a reason why Schuitema Furniture is considered to be the crème de la crème among Art Deco and Art Nouveau furniture makers. It is no surprise that Art Deco Web Store is a reliable and committed dealer of Schuitema furniture.

Arts and Crafts collection

Based on the stylistic Arts and Crafts movement (approx. 1890-1920), the furniture from this collection, that bears the same name, is made with passion for original materials. The use of solid and classic materials forms the basis of this timeless series of furniture: cherry wood, leather, curved glass, aluminium and bronze. The pieces of furniture from this series, such as armchair Emily, table Thomas and dresser Armstrong, are available in three different, basic editions: natural, mocca and cherry. Every piece of furniture is combined with matching intarsia, handles and ornaments that can be mixed according to your personal style.

Decoforma collection

Geometrical patterns, red, black and silver, the typical Art Deco colours, are the basics of the pieces of furniture from the Decoforma furniture series. Who does not recognise the stylistic features of architect Frank Lloyd Wright in table Miles or side-table Jean? Compliment these pieces of furniture with a comfortable sofa or chair from the Decoforma collection, such as armchair Charles and sofa Lawrence, and find out that a typical Art Deco interior lies within an arm’s reach. Of course a spacious, yet classy cabinet cannot be absent from this interior. Display cabinet Art Deco comes in many different editions and it is an eye-catcher in any house.

Art Nouveau collection

Finally, Schuitema Furniture offers a magnificent collection of Art Nouveau furniture. Names like Victor Horta, Henry van de Velde and Berlage, were a source of inspiration to the Period Designers of Schuitema when designing the pieces of furniture for this atmospheric furniture collection. This furniture collection is available via Art Deco Web Store. Contact Art Deco Web Store and ask about the different possibilities.


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