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Who writes stays!

13 January 2022 10:00
Taking the trouble to write someone a personal message in your best handwriting is not easily forgotten. In times of crisis, people tend to long for better times. Thus, in coronation time, the power of a handwritten card or letter is rediscovered. It fills the writer with a feeling of nostalgia and the person who receives the mail is immediately cheered.

At a time when you can't pay a spontaneous visit, it is nice to send mail. In this way, you can show that you are thinking of someone. It could be to someone celebrating their birthday, or to someone who is ill. Or just like that. As a token that you have not forgotten someone. By carefully selecting a card, you can make your message even more personal. Or you can keep it exciting by remaining anonymous when you send your Valentine a card...

In addition to numerous cards with beautiful images, artdecowebstore.com also offers luxury stationery. If a few lines are not enough, you can write down your thoughts in detail. The beautifully designed envelopes and stickers or labels in these luxury sets make it complete.