Leaves in art!

12 October 2021 10:00
If you are a regular visitor to our site, you probably already know that Art Nouveau is full of references to natural elements! The change of seasons brings new inspiration time and time again. Autumn, too, leads to new ideas, with its warm colours, fresh and misty weather and the falling of the leaves from the trees.

This post is dedicated to this latest autumn phenomenon: leaves in art. Jewellery, sculptures, bags, lighting or wallpaper, in all our categories you will find something inspired by the leaf, executed in different ways.

           Leaf shapes are fragile and whimsical and                                    Artists often use the Ginkgo leaf
                therefore excellent as ornaments.                                        of the Japanese nut tree as a theme.

        A unique bag, like a maple leaf with leaf veins.                    Classic Art Nouveau dish with a clear source of                                                                                                                         inspiration; leaf shapes from nature.

This is just a small selection from our extensive collection! Also get inspired by the beautiful autumn leaves and nose in our 'leaves' category.