Retro & Vintage

20 June 2015 13:57
What is retro? Retro refers to designs from the past. The colours and shapes of retro products are based on designs from the past. You will also find amazing retro designs, as well as products with a hint of vintage.

Nostalgic feeling

Retro and vintage have become very popular in the last decennium. Daring and striking motifs, such as colourful circles and round, smooth and futuristic shapes are typical of a retro interior. Abstract, bright and cheerful with a bit of nostalgia. When talking about vintage, we at Art Deco Web Store mean products that emanate the atmosphere of a certain period from the past. A lamp, piece of furniture or accessory that gives you a nostalgic feeling. At Art Deco Web Store, you will only find newly made products, but when it comes to their looks and design, you’ll see the best of days gone by. When thinking of retro, keep the atmosphere of the fifties, sixties and seventies in mind, while vintage refers back to the fabulous roaring twenties. There is a reason vintage means ‘from a good year’.

Retro interior

At Art Deco Web Store, you will find retro Furniture, retro Furniture fabrics, retro Clocks, retro Lighting / Vintage lamps, retro Bins and Bags, exclusively made of retro fabrics. Give your interior an exciting look or a special touch with a retro eye-catcher. Art Deco and retro design can easily be combined since there are also elements within the Art Deco style that can be translated to retro. Think of the daring, striking shapes and deep, bright colours, such as red, orange, turquoise, petrol, black/white, purple and moss green.

Retro bij Art Deco Webwinkel

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