Fabulous Furniture Fabrics

15 November 2014 12:48
Art Deco Web Store has a stunning collection of furniture, but did you also know that you can customize these pieces of Art Deco furniture by choosing a beautiful fabric? This blog will devote itself to spectacular upholstery.

Unique and personal furniture

Luxurious fabric from Art Deco Web Store will transform your new piece of furniture to a piece of art. Whether it is a sofa, armchair or chair: give the piece of furniture a personal touch by choosing one of the most exclusive furniture fabrics from Art Deco Web Store. The category Furniture Fabrics provides ample choice between high-quality fabrics of different materials and in varying price ranges. This means that the price of the piece of furniture is dependent on the upholstery fabric that is selected. It also possible to have matching scatter cushions or separate scatter cushions made of these furniture fabrics.

Art Deco and Art Nouveau

Will you choose a couch in the typical Art Deco fashion with a striking, geometrical pattern, like upholstery fabric Parabolic? Or will you go for an elegant Art Nouveau fabric with natural colours, like furniture fabric Aurora? Turn your armchair into a spectacular eye-catcher with fabric Lalique and its gold accents or go for a more calm and timeless pattern, like furniture fabric Clover. There is upholstery fabric in every style and colour so you will definitely buy a unique an personal piece of furniture. By choosing a certain fabric, the interior of your home will get character.

Professional advice

Samples can be seen and felt in the showroom of Art Deco Web Store. When purchasing a sofa or armchair, one of our experts can help you choose a furniture fabric right away. Naturally, it is also important that the desired fabric goes well with the interior of your home. Be sure to bring a sample of fabric, paint, floor or colour scheme if you already have them; or something else that the fabric needs to go with. Have a look at the category Furniture for our collection of Art Deco furniture and furniture fabrics.

Rooker Fauteuil Geometrische Stof Art Deco Hocker

Chromen Buis Stoel met stof Lalique Fauteuil Aurora