Soft Art Deco Shawls

28 July 2022 14:00
A scarf is a great gift because when you give someone a scarf, you look at their personality. The age is important, the hair colour, the eyes and the skin. It is important that the colours and shades match the type. A shawl accentuates someone's appearance and completes the outfit. You can buy scarves almost everywhere: In clothes shops, gift shops, online and at the market. Do you want a distinctive one? Well then, Art Deco web shop is the place to be!

The design team of Art Deco web shop has been artistically at work. Pictures have been taken of various designs to be depicted on the scarves. And yes, the result is amazing!

The textiles used are 100% silk or 85% fine wool and 15% silk. The pure silk scarves are like a piece of jewellery and a festive finishing touch to an outfit. The textiles in which wool has been used can provide more warmth and are very suitable for use in and around the cloak/jacket.

The silk scarves are handwoven and fair-trade produced. The printing of the pattern is done by machine, but the paint is organic.

The motifs are diverse and all come from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period. The colours are subtle.

Choose these artistic scarves for your sweetheart or for yourself!