New Ceramic

26 March 2016 12:00
Ceramics with a luster glaze were incredibly popular during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period. In the Netherlands, decorative earthenware with a luster glaze was represented by the art earthenware factory St. Lukas in Utrecht.


The decorative ceramics with luster glaze that were made by the earthenware factory St. Lukas from approx. 1909 to approx. 1933 were a source of inspiration for the new collection of ceramics at Art Deco Web Store. The latest collection of ceramics has five different vases and a bowl with luster glaze in stunning turquoise / sea green and light blue colours. The glaze has a metal shine in which tones of gold and silver can be discovered. Discover the decorative earthenware with luster glaze for yourself in the category Vases and Dishes.

Art earthenware factory St. Lukas

The valuable, decorative vases with luster glaze by St. Lukas have gained interest all over the world and they are valuable collector’s items until this very day. Their success was partially due to J.D. Offermans, one of the founding fathers or the earthenware factory. In 1909, Offermans got the opportunity to perfect the luster glazes in gold and silver colours. He was able to use the experience and knowledge when it comes to glazes that he had gained earlier at Chris Lanooy’s. Offermans also gained experience with the complicated luster procedure at pottery Haga in Purmerrend. Luster glaze is a glaze with a metal shine, that has been acquired by adding metal oxides. St. Lukas finished off the decorative ceramic with ‘reflet métallique’, a tricky and costly procedure of Arabic origins. It is valuable due to the expensive metal particles, like gold dust, that were burned into the underglaze. On the other hand, it is tricky because during the baking process the oxygen in the oven should be brought back to a minimum at a certain temperature that is very tricky to determine. When the glaze has a oily, iridescent shine to it, the procedure has been successful. The iridescent shine can also be seen in the new ceramic items in our collection.



Schaal Luster Bolvaas Luster Turquoise

Cilindervaas Luster Turquoise Vaas Luster Unique Laag