9 March 2021 10:00
Animals are fun, beautiful and sociable. Take good care of them!

MARCH: The Spring feeling is already there. The days are getting longer. The word Spring is based on the lengthening of the days.

We go outside a bit more and here and there we see beautiful white swans. Many birds are already diligently building their nests. Early birds herald the Spring; once the male blackbird starts singing, Spring has really begun. There is also Amor in the air! Hares run after each other; this behaviour is called rattling. Lambs are born....

Set of bookends Art Deco Rabbits Bronze

The historical buildings in Leerdam in which Artdecowebstore is housed are situated in nature.

A love of nature and animals is also reflected in the range of artworks on offer in the webshop. The animal figurines objects are selected with care. Stylised or more nature-like animals, colourful or soberly decorated. Adorable items to look at and put somewhere beautiful or practical items with animals where functionality plays a major role. For example, there are aprons, bookends, planters, vases and jewellery.

At Artdecowebstore, Spring has arrived! A wonderful category has been put together especially for you to bring Spring into your home with animals. 300 items! Swans, birds, dragonflies, butterflies, owls, peacocks, hedgehogs, unicorns, giraffes... See for yourself. Be surprised!