Arts and Crafts

10 January 2014 12:25
The arts and crafts movement was an artistic, social movement that was led by William Morris (1834-1896) and took place in the 19th century. It responded to mass production by striving to see the return of craftsmanship and the simplicity of designs. This blog will pay focus on the arts and crafts movement as this artistic movement hugely influenced the following Jugendstil or Art Nouveau movement.


The eventual goal of the arts and crafts movement was to unite the design and its production. It was important that the products were both beautiful and useful. People thought that the traditional products reflected the national morale : good products meant healthy and ethical moral standards. Writer and artist John Ruskin (1819-1900) was the largest source of inspiration for the arts and crafts movement. According to him, the most beautiful elements in architecture were based on organic shapes. It should be clear that his ideas influenced the Art Nouveau movement. The arts and crafts movement mainly focused on applied arts. Aesthetically pleasing utensils were made, such as, furniture, wallpaper, carpets, cutlery, ceramics, jewellery, clothing and books.

Art Nouveau and Jugendstil

The ideology of the arts and crafts movement quickly spread throughout Europe and the United States. At the end of the 19th century, the arts and crafts movement transformed into the Art Nouveau movement. Art Nouveau artists copied the ideas of the arts and crafts movement which expressed itself in the following characteristics: traditional, indigenous shapes and types of wood, natural and organic motifs, Japanese motifs and Celtic motifs. At Art Deco Web store, these Art Nouveau characteristics can be seen in bags, jewellery, wallpaper, fabrics, furniture and home furnishings. Discover the world of the arts and crafts movement, the reformers of art, from which the Art Nouveau and Jugendstil movement was born, at Art Deco Web Store. At Art Deco Web Store, you will find traditionally-made products that were made with a love for manual work and craftsmanship.