Art Deco Clocks

15 March 2014 13:58
A clock is not just a practical accessory, it is also very decorative. Art Deco clocks, retro clocks and nostalgic clocks are available at Art Deco Web Store. An Art Deco clock ensures that your Art Deco interior looks stylish and complete.


The ceramic Art Deco clocks are truly unique. Handmade earthenware clocks, based on famous Art Deco architecture or Art Deco designs. Also pay attention to the special glaze of these clocks! Clocks in the shape of Lempicka Ladies are particularly charming. The inspiration for these clocks comes from the bold paintings of the famous, Art Deco artist Tamara de Lempicka. During the 1920s and 1930s, Tamara painted many stunning portraits which are known for their typical, unique combination of bold colours and soft cubistic lines. Have a look, for instance, at Clock Lempicka Lady and clock Two Ladies: amazing colour combinations!


Animal figures are very popular within the Art Deco style. Naturally, they come in stylised shapes and bold colours. Clocks in the shape of animals in the Art Deco style are available at Art Deco Web Store. Choose between various wall models and free-standings models. Have a look, for instance, at the eccentric clock Owl and clock Deco owl or the lovely clock Rabbit. Cat and dog are represented in the clocks Idefix Dogs, Cats and Piramid with Cat. The stunning, turquoise clock Dove and nostalgic clock Lady and Dog also go with this typical Art Deco theme.

Architecture and inventions

Ceramic clocks based on Art Deco architecture can be bought online at Art Deco Web Store. Streamlined shapes, straight lines and bold colours: an Art Deco clock is unique an original. Various clocks are based on the glamorous, Art Deco architecture in New York and Miami. Have a look at, for instance, clock Miami South Beach, Miami Beach Green, Manhattan Architecture, Odeon and Black & White Odeon. Around the turn of the 20th century, many inventions arrived in lightening speed, such as the radio and developments in the area of quantum mechanics. The following clocks were inspired on new inventions: clocks Marconi, Broadcasting, Inventor, Pioneer and Scientist.

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