The most beautiful Art Nouveau squares in France in Nancy

4 November 2019 15:50
Squares that are so beautiful that they are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, museums full of admirable art and a candy store to make you hungry. You will find it all in the French city of Nancy, located under Luxembourg. Read along to find out more about this city full of Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Museum tip: Musée de l’École de Nancy

Art Nouveau enthusiasts should not miss this museum. It is not only the art that hangs in it that catches the eye, the entire atmosphere that the Musée de l’École de Nancy exudes is worth it. You will find ornaments, furniture and works of art in the Art Nouveau style, with whips, elegant patterns and many influences from nature. In addition to art by Gallé and Prouvé, there is work by Jean Daum, who founded the well-known crystal house Daum in the city in 1878.

One of the halls in the Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy. Foto: Flickr  Texture aux Ombrelles, 1900. ©Art Deco Webstore.

Villa Majorelle 

Whoever travels to Nancy with (grand)children should not miss the Lefévre-Lemoine candy store. The store is located in a beautiful and striking building and has a huge range of delicacies, including the characteristic bergamot sweets. In addition, there are many special properties in Nancy. One of them is Villa Majorelle (see photo), built in 1859-1926. With its stained glass windows in beautiful shapes, towers and ornate balustrades, it is a real fairy tale house.

Villa Majorelle.

Open-air museum Place Stanislas  

Not a fan of museums, but longing for a dose of art? The famous Place Stanislas square, in the middle of the historic center, is almost an open-air museum with all the beautiful things to see. From sculptures to fountains - all classicist beauties. The square is named after the commissioner of construction in the 18th century, Stanislas Leszczynski. Emmanuel Héré designed the square.

Place Stanislas

Sad but true: after the Second World War the square was used as a parking lot for a long time. Around 600 cars were parked on the heyday. In 1983, a parking ban was introduced - luckily. The square could shine in full glory again! Together with the adjacent Place de la Carrière and Place d’Alliance, Place Stanislas is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

One of the entrances of the Place Stanislas.

Nancy at Art Deco Webstore

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