In the Style of 'The Great Gatsby'

17 May 2013 15:19
Art Deco lovers can now satiate their hunger for this stylistic movement by watching the film ‘The Great Gatsby’ in Dutch cinemas. The latest film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous jazz-age novel has succeeded in magnificently capturing the feeling of the Roaring Twenties on the big screen. Even the film poster shows the Art Deco influences.

Roaring Twenties

Smoky jazz cafés, fancy restaurants, stylish pieces of jewellery, cocktails and champagne, magnificent and exuberant fashion and flourishing, innovative arts, including Art Deco: the roaring twenties is known for its glamour. This was particularly true in metropolises like Berlin and New York. The latter is the backdrop of ‘The Great Gatsby’. New York: a paradise for lovers of Art Deco architecture. Think of the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center and Empire State Building. Art Deco Web Store has a stylish series of Art Deco furniture in its collection that was based on the designs of these constructions. Read more on the series in the blog about this furniture series and have a look in the category Furniture to view all Art Deco furniture. In the subcategory Furniture Fabrics, the most beautiful Art Deco furniture fabrics can be found.

Art Deco jewellery

“The point of jewelry isn’t to make a woman look rich but to adorn her.” With this quote, Coco Chanel set the tone for fashion in the twenties. Long pearl necklaces that reached to the waist, sparkling stones and long silk shawls were set items of clothing of the flapper girls, the new generation of self-aware women who dressed daringly in short sequin dresses made of translucent fabrics, cut their hair in the shape of a short bob and carried a small cigarette holder in their hands. The typical twenties fashion is also visible in ‘The Great Gatsby’. Actress Carey Mulligan wears the most stunning art deco jewellery. Art Deco Web Store also offers stunning Art Deco earrings, Art Deco rings, Art Deco bracelets, Art Deco necklaces and Art Deco brooches, such as the Long Elegance Earrings, Black Deco necklace, Ornament Ring, Japan Brooch and the sublime Glamour Meander bracelet. Have a look in the category Jewellery and Jewellery Boxes to see more Art Deco jewellery.

Art Deco cufflinks

In the roaring twenties, men were usually dressed in a suit, even though upper class gentlemen started wearing fashionable, athletic clothing more often in their spare time. This is also shown by actor Leonardo DiCaprio as he exchanges his suit for a knitted pullover in ‘The Great Gatsby’. However, the suit, existing of a pair of wide trousers, a shirt, a waistcoat, a suit jacket that was tight around the hips, a handkerchief and a bow tie, was worn most often. This outfit also includes stylish cufflinks. At Art Deco Web Store, remarkably beautiful art deco cufflinks are available. Chic cufflinks Elegant are particularly suitable for a night out in the style of ‘Great Gatsby’. Even more Art Deco cufflinks can be found in the category Cufflinks, a subcategory of Jewellery.

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