Hanging A Tapestry

18 October 2014 16:13
A tapestry on the wall exudes warmth and class. It is not just the place in which is it hung that is important; the way in which it is fastened to the wall also matters. What are the different ways to hang a tapestry?


Naturally, purchasing a tapestry is the very first step. Have a look at the collection of Tapestries and note that Art Deco Web Store offers stunning tapestries in both the Art Deco style and the Art Nouveau style. When you have made your choice, it is time to find an appropriate place and hang the tapestry. Before you hang it, it can be necessary to iron the tapestry. The best way to do this is to iron it at the back with a lot of steam. It is also possible to iron the front, but make sure to place a piece of (moist) cotton or linen on top of the tapestry to protect it. The flat-iron does not need to be on the hottest setting.

Curtain Rod

At Deco Web Store’s tapestries have been lined and have a rod pocket sewn into the lining on the back. A curtain rod is an easy way to hang your new work of art. Rods are available in every type of material, size and colour. You can choose an angular, simple rod that subtly carries the tapestry or a more remarkable rod with decorative finials. Have a look in the category Curtain Hanging Systems for matching rods in various styles.

Flat bar

Hanging a tapestry with the help of a piece of baseboard or a flat bar is a very effective method. You only need to have a flat bar made out of wood or aluminum so it can be slid into the rod pocket at the back of the tapestry. Make sure that the width of the bar is just a little shorter than that of the tapestry. Once the baseboard it cut to length, drill a hole at each end that is equidistant and centered. This allows you to screw to hooks into the wall, over which the flat bar or baseboard, with the tapestry, can be hung. It is also possible to leave out the hooks and install the tapestry directly on the wall. This method puts the tapestry right next to the wall.


Another method is to use self-adhesive Velcro; touch fasteners. The one side can, if the surface allows this, be placed directly on the wall. It is also possible to stick the Velcro on the flat bar and then screw it against the wall. Then the other side of the Velcro is stuck on the back of the tapestry. Use a fairly wide strip of Velcro to make sure that the tapestry is secured well. This method is very suitable for curved walls, like in a staircase.

With the help of these tips, it is no longer a problem to hang a tapestry of Art Deco Web Store. Have a look at our collection of Tapestries and add sophistication to your interior.