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  • Tapestry Klimt The Kiss

Tapestry Klimt The Kiss

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available in 2 variations

The Austrian artist Gustav Klimt (1862 -1918) created several pieces in the Art Nouveau style. This fascinating Goblin depicting "The Kiss" is like a golden / colourful tribute to Klimt's original; it expresses the psychological emotion of love.

It has a warm atmosphere which is created by its subject and the way it has been executed in textural shapes (textile arts) and thegold threads (lurex).

The original painting can be seen in the Österreichisches Museum (Austrian Museum) in Vienna.

Available in the following sizes:
93 x 65 cm
140 x 100 cm

It can also be ordered in the following sizes:
180 x 130cm
62 x 48 cm

Fabric: 92% viscose - 6% polyester - 2% polyamide.

Feel free to ask about the different possibilities!

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