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  • An authentic model in the hall of the Karlsplatz Stadtbahn station.
  • An authentic model in the hall of the Karlsplatz Stadtbahn station.

Tiffany Pendant Wissman Jewel

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Large, larger, largest! This magnificent and impressive Tiffany hanging lamp is a true eye-catcher. The enchanting effect of the lamp is not only due to its size, but also its curved pearl glass. The light's reflection in the facets result in a playful rainbow effect full of soft colors. The diamond edge ensures a chic appearance. The closure part, featuring a round gemstone, provides the whole with balance.

The ornament measures around 1.2 m, with a diameter of 85 cm. The lamp comes with a beautiful, solid bronze chain that is 2.5 m long. Including an extra long chain in the order is possible.

There are 9 pieces of fittings in the lamp. AND: Standard supplied is RGB LED with remote control! The LED does not have to be used, but of course this is very special. Make a party of it!

This beautiful lamp is made according to an authentic model that can be seen in the hall of the Karlsplatz Stadtbahn station, a former station of the Viennese Stadtbahn. The building now functions as a museum. The architecture and interior is part of the famous art movement of The Vienna Secession.

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