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Tiffany Pendant Light Mondrian

  • Tiffany Pendant Light Mondrian
€ 105
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Sleek but stylish, rectangular Tiffany lamp.

The typical Mondrian style can easily be recognised in this lamp. The work of Piet Mondrian (1872 – 1944) sets itself apart by its abstract-geometrical language of shapes and the division of planes. Even though Mondrian was known for his use of primary colours, he used the ‘non-colours’ grey, black and white just as often. These are the shades that can be seen in the artistic glass.

Comes with a Vintage, linen cord. The square ceiling fixture is also in the same style as the lamp.

Linen cord: 1,5m. + E14 socket with clip.

Dimensions glass:
Width: 12,5cm
Height: 23cm
Depth: 12cm

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