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AgateAgate is a gemstone that is available in various colours. Red agate is particularly popular as its deep colour makes for stunning jewellery. Red, coincidently, is also the colour of love and this makes the jewellery even more appealing.

AmethystAmethysts have a beautiful purple to blue/violet colour that can have various shades. The gemstones were often used in jewellery made for royalty. Jewellery with amethysts is still considered to be enchanting.

AquamarineAquamarine can have a colourless, blue or greenish look. Besides, the stone is transparent to translucent and has a shine akin to glass. This gemstone will look great on the skin!

AmberAmber is made of resin that seeped out of trees millions of years ago and got turned into stone. It is principally found in the Baltic Sea area. After the ice age, amber emerged from the ground and got washed into sea. This gemstone adds an exclusive touch to a piece of jewellery, which is why it is seen as a special stone.

Rhinestone Rhinestone is a colourless gem. Its name is derived from the river "Rhine" since this is the place where the gems were found. People used to believe that the precious stones were made of actual ice that had been shaped by the Gods. Rhinestones fit with honest, confident people.

CitrineCitrine is a bright gold/yellow gemstone that has a beautiful warm shine. Pieces of jewellery with this stone have a fresh yet zesty appeal.

Carnelian Carnelian is a remarkably durable stone that can be found, among other places, in volcanic areas. The reddish brown colour has been popular since the Bronze Age as it was used for various decorative items back then. These older pieces have maintained their beauty since they are still stunning.

GarnetGarnet occurs frequently in the earth’s crust and mantle. It is also one of the Order of the Nine Gems. Its ever changing colour, from raspberry red to dark red, will make a piece of jewellery look enticing.

Hematite Hematite is, among other things, used as the first layer in the process of gilding. The stone is also very reflective. If it is used in jewellery, it will catch the eyes of those around you.

Jade Jade is a mineral that has been cherished by Asians for thousands of years. They appreciate its beauty to such a degree that, for a long time, jade was more valuable there than diamonds. It is no surprise that the medals of the Olympics in Beijing also featured jade. The stone’s soft appeal will make sure that jewellery looks friendly.

CoralCoral is a natural material that has been loved for centuries because of its highly decorative value. We only sell coral that has been harvested in a way that does not harm the environment.

Lapis LazuliEver since Pharaoh Tutankhamen expressed his love for Lapis Lazuli, the stone has been one of the favourite gemstones used in jewellery. It has a deep blue colour and traces of shiny gold. This is one of the reasons why the stone has such an enchanting appeal.

MoonstoneMoonstones owe their name to their white colour and blue glow. This reminds a great deal of people of the moon. It is a very mysterious gemstone.

MalachiteMalachite is fascinating because of its deep green colour and its playful dark lines. This stone is often used for inlay in the walls of palaces in Russia.

ObsidianObsidian is a natural kind of volcanic glass that has black/blue colours. Blue obsidian is made of synthetic glass that has been coloured. The latter makes for a surprising piece of jewellery.

OnyxOnyx is a rough yet elegant gemstone that has been used in jewellery for centuries. Since its appearance is similar to that of a black diamond, Onyx is getting more and more popular. It is available in white, black and green and it can be worn with many different outfits.

Opal Triplet Opal Triplet owes its name to the three different layers that are visible within the stone. The green and blue hues form an exciting entity. Since this gemstone has a highly decorative value, it is often used for jewellery.

PearlThe iridescent shine of pearl or nacre has always been considered very attractive. Pearls are part of timeless jewellery for those that have a romantic soul.

Peridot Peridot is formed under extreme circumstances. It is, among other places, found in rocks that were shaped by volcanic eruptions. The stone is available in various fresh green hues.

RubyRuby (derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’; which means red) is quite a royal gemstone since it is also nicknamed "King of the Stones". They are also special because they have always been a symbol of love. When this gemstone is cut, it will get a shine resembling that of a diamond.

Smoky QuartzSmoky Quartz is a translucent smoky brown to almost black gemstone. The warm hues combine beautifully with many different outfits.

SapphireFor centuries, Sapphires have been loved for their beauty and for their extraordinary qualities. The transparent pink stone symbolises ‘wealth’ and ‘immortality’.

Tiger's Eye Tiger’s Eye is a deep brown gemstone that can have various shades. Its warm glow makes it a very unique stone.

ToermalineTourmaline is transparent to translucent and it has a glass-like shine. It is available in various colours. Pink Tourmaline is part of the Elbaite species and it looks really feminine.

Topaz Topaz usually has a blue colour. Its fresh shine makes for enchanting jewellery.

TurqoiseTurquoise has always been a gemstone that has an enormous appeal because of its blue and green colours that are reminiscent of the sea.

Zirconia Cubic zirconia resembles a diamond like no other gemstone. The tiny different colours inside the stone give it a charming shine.