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Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco jewellery, jewellery from the twenties (1920-1930). Architects, sculptures, painters; we should all go back to the basic manual crafts.

The Parisian exhibition (1925) "Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et industriels modernes" was the first time after the First World War that applied arts were showcased on a large and international scale. Thanks to this exposition, the French cultural movement that took place from 1910 to 1935 was named Art Déco. Eventually, this name was used all around the world.

New style such as cubism, futurism and constructivism came into being and the jewellery from this period tends to be more towards the businesslike, geometrical and formal strict side. Rose cut diamonds, rhinestones, coral, jade, onyx, ivory and amethyst were the favourite materials for jewellery in the Art Deco movement.

Geometrical shapes such as triangles, hexagons, trapezoids and circles combined with one of the before mentioned materials results in a cool angular and firm design; very typical of Art Deco jewellery.

Art Deco Armband
Art Deco Collier
Art Deco Broche