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Glass Bowl Air Bubble

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Everyone in Holland has seen the "spijkervaasjes" (nail vases) by Andries Copier.

Andries Dirk Copier (Leerdam 1901 - The Hague 1991).
An internationally renowned glass artist who played an important role in determining the design of 20th century Dutch glass art.

In the mid thirties, it became typical for Leerdam's unicum to have airbubbles trapped inside their glass walls. The walls are delicately opened up by the air bubbles that are locked inside in a regular pattern. This decoration is created by blowing the hot glass in a wooden mould that has small nails hammered into its surface in a regular pattern. The nails pierce the glass and create small air bubbles.

This lovely object is made of clear glass combined with brown/orange colours. A feast for the eyes!

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