• Louis Poulsen Nyhavn Outdoor Wall Lamp

Louis Poulsen Nyhavn Outdoor Wall Lamp

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The unprocessed, brushed copper will get a lovely patina finish after spending a while in the open air. This means that the saying 'the older, the more beautiful' definitely applies here. See the last picture of a lamp on age.

The tapered lampshade hides a pleasant light source that aims downwards to form a broad beam of light. The lampshade's inside is covered with matte, white paint and this makes it possible to have an even spread of light. The rings make sure that the light beam is guided. They also guide a small amount of light to the top of the lampshade; this way the lamp illuminates itself. IP44

Design: Alfred Homann & Ole V. Kjær

The Blue Art Barn is residential of Louis Poulsen.

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