• Jugendstil Vase Summer Glow

Jugendstil Vase Summer Glow

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No this is not an authentic Rozenburg vase, but it is a model with the same allure!

This darling ceramic vase with a uninterrupted handle displays impressive Nieuwe Kunst (Art Nouveau/Jugendstil) style shapes. The glaze shows craquelure and it has skillfully been painted with exotic flowers in warm colours.

Rozenburg was a famous ceramic factory in the Hague which operated from 1883 to 1914. The company has left an impressive collection with, among others, the popular egg shell porcelain.

In the Nieuwe Kunst period (around 1900), applied arts was revived. The main principle that the artist and craftsman were supposed to work together to create a perfect piece of art was used. Contacts with Japan influenced European products. The items from Japan had an amazing degree of technical and aesthetical refinement.

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