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Tapestry Mucha La Musique

  • Tapestry Mucha La Musique
€ 243
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This woven tapestry is based on the work of famous Czech painter Alphonse Mucha (1869-1939). He is also seen as the master of the Art Nouveau style.

In 1887 Mucha left his homeland and went to, what was then seen as the city of art, Paris. Seven years later he became famous when he designed the poster for the play Gismonde. The latter featured the French actress Sarah Bernhardt as its main lead; she was considered the star of the Parisian theatre at the time. Mucha's work is renowned for its graceful lines, light colours and magnificently styled motifs.

The backside is lined with cotton and it has a tunnel so the tapestry can easily be hung on the wall.

Fabric: 94% cotton and 6% polyester.

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