• Rolls-Royce / Girl with Wings Silver

Rolls-Royce / Girl with Wings Silver

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Rolls-Royce's mascot.

What an elegant appearance, this dreamy girl with wings. This picturesque sculpture is classic and eye-catching. Standing on a heavy, moss-green marble plinth, she is ready to fly away. An appearance on a side-table, or in the spotlights in a nice closet.

Rolls-Royce's mascot, the Spirit of Ecstasy, is based on the Nike of Samothrace.

Nike is not just the goddess of victory in battle, but also of any victory that can be obtained in competitions. She is also guaranteed to make sure that a company that flourishes through a lot of effort will be successful and/or is brought to a successful end.

Gift idea:
Perfect for an anniversary, car lover, sports lover.... whoever this sculpture is presented to, it will serve as a symbolic reminder of their achievements in life.

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