Mackintosh Tiffany Panel

  • Mackintosh Tiffany Panel
  • Mackintosh Tiffany Panel Detail
  • Mackintosh Tiffany Panel Detail
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Seductive Tiffany stained glass window panel with various sparkling colours. The stylised roses are based on the rose of the Scottish Art Nouveau designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The famous Mackintosh rose is not classic, but precisely the opposite as its stylised lines make it innovative, especially when combined with subtle, geometrical patterns. Emphasizing the vertical interplay of lines was also typical of the designer and in this panel it is stressed even more due to its height. The most beautiful effect can be seen when daylight (door or window) shines into a room through the window panel. The clear glass ensures that people can still look outside. Your view will be framed by beautiful Mackintosh roses.

The panel can also be placed against a wall. The motifs of wallpaper of the structure of the wall can be given a decorative function with this Mackintosh artwork.

Height: 90 cm
Width: 45 cm

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