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Art Deco Wall Cabinet Newberry

  • Art Deco Wall Cabinet Newberry
€ 4,970
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Nicely shaped cabinet on three legs with an unusual, flowing shape. This piece is furniture is made of Bubinga wood. Ebony has been used for the cube-shaped intarsia work. The metal, aluminium and Stainless steel touches give the piece stature!

The cabinet can be opened via 2 doors.

The piece of furniture is available in the patina colour:

Designed by Schuitema

Bubinga wood:
Its heartwood is pink, or a pinkish red, to a reddish brown with prominent purple veins running through it. The veins cause a stripe-pattern when flat-sawn and a flame-pattern when quarter-sawn.

Ebony wood:
Ceylon ebony is black, with a few inconsistent, light brown stripes at times. Ebony is strong and hard.

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