Art Deco Extendable Coffee Table Henry

  • Art Deco Extendable Coffee Table Henry
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available in 3 variations

This extendible rectangular coffee table exists of 3 parts. It is made out of Bubinga wood and has refined features. A high quality product.
The piece has ebony intarsia in the shape of small reoccurring squares and a circle. The aluminium features give this work of art an extra vivacious appeal.

It was designed by Schuitema as part of the Art Deco series 'Decoforma'.

The main table: 93x93x47 cm, complete extended 163 cm.

The colour of the table depicted above is Regular.

The table can be patinated in the following colours:
Regular, Marrone and Cherry.

Bubinga wood:
Its duramen is pink, or a pinkish red, to a reddish brown with prominent purple veins running through it. The wood is hard, strong and steady. While it is relatively unknown, it is extremely suitable for multiple purposes. It can, for instance, be turned into window frames, doors, stairs, and floors. However, its use is mostly limited to designer furniture
The finest wood comes from Gabon and it is also known as Kevazingo.

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