Amice Sofa 3-seater

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  • Amice Sofa 3-seater
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  • Detail Amice Sofa 3-seater
  • Atmospheric impression 3-seater Sofa and Coffee Table Amice
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An extravagant 3-seater sofa in the Amsterdam School style. The expressive, curved shapes and the lovely combination of light and dark mahogany give this sofa a daring look. Exotic shapes of leaves, popular during the Art Deco period, have been incorporated as decorative elements in the woodwork. The striking intarsia details make the chair even more appealing. The geometrical, stepped legs ensure a strong, matching base. Both the front and the back of the couch are spectacular to look at. That makes this impressive 3-seater sofa very appropriate for big living rooms, so the piece of furniture gets the attention it deserves.

Within the Amsterdam School style there is lots of attention for the creativity of traditional workmanship; the Furniture series Amice is made according to the principles of this style movement with their fabulous, high-quality pieces of furniture as a result.

In the pictures, the Amice sofa is upholstered in the stylish and playful furniture fabric Propeller in shades of grey. The ‘arches’ are typical of the Art Deco style. The motivating furniture fabric is combined with a plain, chic, grey velour fabric.

The sofa can be upholstered with one of the many extravagant Art Deco furniture fabrics from Art Deco Web Store’s collection, which is often unheard of in the Netherlands! A combination of fabric and leather is also a possibility.

The listed price is that of a sofa upholstered with an A fabric. This is plain, regular fabric meaning that the prices of the furniture are dependent on the upholstery.

Seat depth: 51 cm

Seat height: 48 cm

Height back support (cushion): 38 cm

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