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  • Clutch / Evening Bag Nathalie | Cubic
  • Clutch / Evening Bag Nathalie | Cubic Light Blue
  • Clutch / Evening Bag Nathalie | Cubic Purple
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available in 2 variations

A bag with its own label, signed NATHALIE.

An exclusive design with a special purpose. Promoted by The Blue Art Barn. The bag's entire profit is going to be donated to the Dutch Melanoma foundation. This foundation plays an active role in different ways when it comes to preventing skin cancer. Buy this bag and help support the activities.

The clutch has a bold, timeless design and is executed in a geometrical Art Deco fabric and matching fabric in the point. Go out looking stylish with this beautiful clutch or use the bag as a luxurious toiletry bag or makeup case. The clutch closes via a magnet clasp. Choose between 3 different editions. There is only one copy of each bag, making them all unique!

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