• La Lampe Gras Outdoor / Wall Spotlight

La Lampe Gras Outdoor / Wall Spotlight

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available in 2 variations

Outdoor/Wall Spotlight La Lampe Gras.
Available with matt black or red cap and with or without motion sensor.

Well detailed. They are specified to resist the vagaries and rigours of life outdoors.
Well designed.The XL dimensions and proportions are what give the lamps their elegance, while avoiding any feeling of arrogance. The XL is 1.5 times the size of the standard version. They are suited to all architectural situations: from old houses to contemporary designs, from wood to concrete, from balconies to terraces, in every instance they fit harmoniously with their environment.

Well made.The Lampes Gras OUTDOOR range is designed for durability and weather-resistance, using materials made to resist the elements: stainless steel for the body, silicon for the waterproof seals, borosilicate glass for the reflector casing.

Shipbuilding standards was the level we set ourselves, and the Lampes Gras XL In and Out are resistant to rain, snow and saltwater as well as to extremes of heat and cold.

Also beautiful in the bathroom/sauna!

Diameter base approx. 14 cm.
Equipped with E-27 fitting.

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